What is Pact™


Pact™ is your claims concierge delivering effective solutions for underwriter, insurer, broker, claims company and customer needs. With our innovative and unique technology combination, we take the claims experience from days/weeks to minutes, reducing claims cost by up to 66% from ABI industry average. Pact™ collects all necessary information and supporting documentation for the claim. Pact™ AI platform performs its unique verification of the claimant and then verifies the claimants claims history from an array of specialised sources and databases. With a successful claim Pact™ delivers a suggested replacement value, calculated by its pricing database, facilitating rapid settlement.

This platform sits on top of a fully compliant, bank grade settlements platform that can settle claims in 26 currencies with state of the art security.

Pact™ impacts your bottom line. Have your partners purchase their own uniquely branded app to further simplify your requirements and costs. Your benefits increase consequentially, allowing for reduced handling, settlement and even staffing costs.

Pact™ impacts your bottom line directly; delivering iOS and Android branded applications for that enable cross selling opportunities, promoting customer acquisition and retention.

The Pact™ insurance concierge platform allows your customers to manage existing policies, makes the claim process simple and purchase new or renew existing policies directly from the application. This re-engagement can increase your completed quotes and policy renewals by up to 65% (as published by an insurer). Our unique Machine Learning Chat Bot further reduces staff costs, call times and telephony delays resulting increases customer satisfaction.

With our vastly experienced technology and innovation team and our bank grade, state of the art security, Pact™ supports all aspects of the company and customers experience; delivering permanent peace of mind meeting FCA and GDPR regulations.


Pact™ offers services to Insurers, Underwriters, Brokers and Claims companies. We provide secure access to insurance led applications, AI decision making, claims handling with worldwide settlement solutions, all available white labeled to your organisation.

Claims API

Worldwide settlements

White label app


Pact™ has designed and built a brand new technology platform to change the way your customers experience and manage claims. With this comes worldwide settlement services to maximise customer usability, flexibility, convenience and a positive experience. Insurance is finally free from the constraints of years of legacy IT infrastructure and costs. Our state-of-the-art technology transforms the claims experience.

Available on Android & iOS

Built on Microsoft Azure

AI Automation

Key App Features

Direct line to emergency numbers for your customers

Automated Paperless claims

Manage policies directly from the app

Machine Learning Customer Service Bot

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