About Us


Pact™ is focussed on re-invigorating the way the insurance industry interacts with its customers with 21st century thinking and technologies. With an executive team with insurance, marketing and technology experience at the highest level we aim to bring the most up to date technology solutions to an industry that dates back to 600 BC.


Available for all types of insurance, Pact™ is delivering a worldwide scalable claims platform using the most up to date technologies. Pact™ verifies policy holders through both National and International databases performing state-of-the-art Know Your Customer (KYC) checks and claim verification processes that considers people’s claims history. We use databases with over 240 million records, adding 150,000 records per month of claims information. Other databases used handle train, flight and airport status information with more than 52 million records of train and flight status updates per year.

This platform sits on top of a fully compliant, bank grade settlements platform that can settle claims in 26 currencies with state of the art security, delivering a new age of claims monitoring and reporting. Pact™ is reinventing the insurance customer claims experience with the advantages of a cloud-based digital service.

Pact™ is providing a new way to gather all necessary claims information without the costs and delays of traditional processing, whilst simultaneously increasing the security and reliability surrounding the successful payments of claims, streamlining the process and the costs for what in 2016 was 11.7 million claims  in the UK alone.


Jamie Buckley
Chief Financial Officer
Member of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). Worked within Menzies supporting start-up to medium size businesses accelerate growth and scale. Joined Amplience in May 2013 as their Finance Manager. Key in multiple rounds of funding and developing international expansion. Joined Pact™ October 2017.
Mark Seddon
Founding CEO
14 years’ finance & insurance experience within Aon, Santander and Lehman Brothers. 15 years’ technology development expertise. More than 5 years regulatory and compliance experience. Rare ability to turn ideas into real world business. Key strengths in company creation and development with two successful exits.
Chris Wacey
Non-Executive Director
50+ years’ insurance expertise. From Lloyds to Leslie & Godwin as UK Operations Director. Co-Founded MSD in 1984. Following sale of MSD to LV in 2002, became Group Exec Director for IFA & Life at LV. Co-founded Allclear Travel Insurance in 2002. CEO until sale December 2017. Joined Pact™ as Non-Exec Director in January 2018.


Pact™ has built its systems free from legacy constraints with technology that transforms the insurance experience, making it faster, more efficient and more cost effective for everyone. It is built on a state-of-the-art platform specifically designed to deliver global claims and settlement services. 

Pact™ uses 128-bit encryption, Secure Socket Layers (SSL), One Time Passwords (OTP’s), multi-layered personal identity verification’s, digital signatures, customer usage-based analytics monitoring, location services, bio-metrics and other fraud prevention international databases to keep you and your customers safe and sound.