Pact™ Services

  • A secure platform that can be white labelled and adapted to meet your service, process and system requirements
  • Quick and easy integration via API, allowing a single connection to multiple claims options
  • Market-leading service levels, system resilience, speed to market and security
  • Microsoft Azure cloud-based, globally scalable platform

As the Pact™ platform was designed and built from scratch the technology offers:

  • Standardisation of coding languages across multiple platforms and channels
  • Security built in as a priority from the start
  • Multi-Language applications with worldwide bi-lingual support services
  • AI claims engine that takes claims processing from days/weeks to minutes

White Label

Pact™ white labels the platform and applications to Insurers, Underwriters, Brokers and Claims companies.

Using provided tools, select a theme, add a logo and Pact™ will generate your iOS and Android application for smartphone and tablet. You identify the claims you want processed through the application and together we can generate electronic claim forms that meet your requirements or you can give us your questions sets and we bespoke your questions to your customers.

Claims API

One of the key objectives for Pact™ is to make sure that our advanced technology is open to anyone and everyone. Pact™ has and is investing significant time and resources in to an Application Programming Interface (API). In general terms, an API is a clearly defined method of communication between various software components.

Using the API, any third-party can integrate with Pact™ and provide their customers access to the AI claims engine.

This allows any third party to deliver the benefits of Pact™ to their customers reducing their costs by up to 66%. This technology also means that a company with an existing application can integrate the Pact™ claims engine in to their process.

Worldwide Settlements

Talking to the industry one of the biggest concerns is the accuracy of claims pricing. Pact™ pricing platform provides a claims settlement sum for over 95% of all personal effects claims.

Pact™ reconciliation platform then uses funds from a ring-fenced bank account to pay a successful claim on behalf of the claims service. Funds are held with a top 5 worldwide bank in your own ring-fenced client account. Pact™ can pay claims in 26 currencies; using Faster Payments, BACs, SEPA, ACH and SWIFT.

Pact™ superior reconciliation platform generates all the reports needed for claims services to reconcile claim payments; quickly, easily and meet any insurer requirements. We can push all this data back in to our partners’ CRMs or accounting platforms like Xero, Sage and Quickbooks.