Microsoft Azure

Pact™ has been built with flexibility and scalability in mind. We are built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform utilising compute, storage, analytics, security and operations services, as well as Office 365. Microsoft invests more than $1 billion a year in cyber security, more than anyone else on the planet; it’s why the Ministry of Defence, parts of the NHS and Swiss Re sit alonside us in Microsoft’s UK data centres.

Benefiting from the Microsoft Azure world-class reliability and performance combined with security, privacy, compliance, transparency and availability, Pact™ has been developed to meet the needs of the worlds insurance market now and in the future.

AI Claims

With multiple partners providing Know Your Customer (KYC) and our AI Claims engine, Pact™ verifies customers details against national and international databases. This verification considers peoples claims history with over 240 million records, adding 150,000 records per month of claims information. Other databases handle train, flight and airport status information with more than 52 million records of status updates per year. Using our claims platform we can significantly the reduce the claims timings, taking minutes rather than days/weeks to make a judgement, make an offer of settlement and transfer the money in to your customer’s bank account. 

Pricing Platform

Should customers pass the KYC and Claim checks, Pact™ then verifies the customers Bank Details against national databases and product information against our pricing databases. We then verify the product values against the customers policy schedule and apply depreciation where relevant.

We have more than 10 billion product information to verify more than 95% of personal effects claims.


Machine Learning Chat Bot

Pact™ Machine Learning Chat Bot is designed to advise, assist and simplify the user experience. It can:

  • Help during the process of making a claim
  • Help with FAQ’s
  • Keep the claimant up to date on claim status
  • Help with filling out policy information for renewals or new purchases

Using a Machine Learning Chat Bot in this way has been found to enhance your customer retention by 65%.

Big Data

Analytics is becoming more and more instrumental to all businesses. This was a key factor in the development of Pact™; to harness the big data currently costing the insurance industry instead of working for them. With our powerful platform we can work with insurers to more effectively channel their marketing and development expenditure.