Using Pact™ Claims Handling Automation Process (CHAP), on the job training can now be powered by our sophisticated Artificially Intelligent neural network bringing a new age of claims handler training. Today 40% of employees who receive poor or no on-the-job training leave within the first year of employment and when employees leave, it costs you.

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How it works?

Pact™ uses a state-of-the-art machine learning that delivers real time assistance based off the verifications provide by Pact™. These real time responses display the actions a claims handler needs to take next during the claims process, for example, asking for more information, video or photo evidence or specific questions following verification process failure. It gives significant support to those employees who have little to no experience instant support of what they should or should not be doing, freeing up supervisor’s time to deal with the complexities of an ever-growing team.

Use Pact™ CRM

CHAP is an automatic feature in Pact™ Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and is provided free of charge.

API integration

Using a simple Application Programming Interface (API), CHAP can be integrated into any third-party CRM, alongside Pact™ verification engine, delivering assisted intelligence in that next step in claims handler training.

Benefits of On The Job training

  1. It is Planned to Fit Your Business
  2. Happier, More Loyal Employees
  3. Builds a Pool of “Promotable” Employees
  4. Attracts Employees During Hiring
  5. Builds Flexibility into Your Workforce

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