Meet today’s challenges by bringing your customers and business together with the next generation Claims Management Systems (CMS).

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Total cost saved in claims processing

Whether you process 400,000 claims or 10, it takes Pact 7-15 minutes to process separately or simultaneously

Optimise and Outperform

Reduce cycle times by optimising talent, processes, and resources.
  1. Optimise and outperform
  2. Give your claims teams real-time access to the information they need—when they need it
  3. Enable claims automation to free up your resources to focus on complex claims
  4. Easily define when and how exposures, reserves, and activities are created
  5. Fraud verifications built in as standard

Be Customer-Centric

Deliver trust by putting your customer at the centre of every experience.



Transform First Notification of Loss (FNOL) into a differentiating experience



Empower customers with Digital First Notification of Loss (DFNOL) self-service channels


Fast Approval Times

Automate tasks to speed up approval times for your customers



  • Will show and enable users to create projects and invite others using the platform to join those projects, complete managing all the tasks to keep up to date of how that project is progressing.
  • Keep up to date with important events and birthdays within your business, so everyone is on track.
  • Raise a ticket of support directly with the Pact team.
  • See who’s online within your business and start a direct messaging conversation with them
  • Create events and add invitees to those events, synchronising with Outlook
  • Stay in touch with everything that is going on with your company with your very own Newsfeed
  • You can search all your colleagues within your business enable contact details at a click of a button
  • Every dashboard is unique to your role. We’ll supply bespoke data to each employee with summary of their role. Ie. Handler will see how many claims they’ve closed, how many are open, in progress, review and so on.

Claim Handler

  • Centralise the question process for your handlers with a view of the customers answers.
  • Easy to use view of all verifications, tasks, and events that happen during the claims process.
  • View list of assigned tasks and claims in one simple to use screen.
  • Request support within the system from a colleague or line manager on a particular claim or task.
  • Request additional information from the claimant directly from the system with notifications and task management at each stage of the correspondence with the claimant.
  • Send custom messages to the claimant at the time of approval or denial of a claim to ensure the claimant is fully aware of the decision that has been made and the logic applied.
  • Update claim or claimant information held on record based on new information.
  • View the full enhanced claim data Pact collects on claimants to provide unique insight into each claim and the claimants history.
  • View previously submitted claims.

Team Leader

  • Manually reassign claims and tasks as they see fit.
  • Review the status and full audit log of any claim or task for their team.
  • Produce reports for their team or individuals to better understand the performance of their team.


  • Create and edit templates to allow users to simply insert entire or part email wording to any correspondence that goes out to the claimant.
  • Manage user roles and line manager permissions.
  • Complete access to reassign claims and tasks.
  • Manage Claim types and the entire dynamic question set behind each claim type.

Smart Actions

Smart Actions deliver the claims handler suggestions on what issues have arisen from the claim and what they should do next in real time.

Pact™ has sourced and centralised third party fraud verification information, allowing our assisted intelligence to enable claims handlers to make smarter and faster decisions delivering real value to the claims market.

Using collected data on our platform Pact™ further enhances the platform’s decision-making ability.

To enhance this Pact is deploying Smart Actions

Resolve claims faster, exceed customer

expectations, and ignite innovation.

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