Pact is taking claims from weeks to minutes.

What is Pact?

Pact is a disruptive Business Process Automation (BPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, that’s launched a new automated Claims as a Service (CaaS) platform to the General Insurance (GI) market.
Reduce claims processing to minutes

Pact CaaS platform handles the mundane time-consuming claims enabling handlers to become more specialised in handling complex claims and increase the number of claims a single handler can process.

Increase insights & reduce costs

Pact significantly increases policyholder insight as well as improving the customer experience, whilst dramatically reducing the current cost of claims handling through re-engineering the process.

As seen in


Increase in customer retention


Decrease in total value claimed


Reduction in fraud


Increase in customer satisfaction


Increase in employee productivity


Claims processing time


Faster claims completion submission times

Services We Offer


Decision Layer

Pacts centralises decision making logic, creating a single source of reliability for everyone. You can centralise all your policy documents, business rules, limits, schedules, and risks, achieving multiple goals with one solution.


Fraud Layer

Pact has delivered an ever evolving neural network that detects fraud in real time using more than 50 separate data points during the claim.


Supply Chain Layer

Pact automates the process of working with third parties to obtain; quotes, instruct workers to perform task and gives customers direct access to interacting with the workers, whilst keeping everyone up to date with the claim’s progression.

Data Layer

Using claims data, Pact can deliver back structured data that enables you to connect the dots of potential fraud rings globally using Network Graphing and big data analysis in real time.

Search Layer

Contributing to Search Layer helps advance the global fight against insurance claim fraud. These shared challenges are impossible for any single organization to crack down on, on its own. Deeper insight and ultimately better outcomes are delivered through the use of syndicated data to solve collective problems.

Vision Feed

Vision Feed is the next generation in customer care. Vision Feed allows Customer Agents or Field Service Experts to send an email or text message with a link allowing them to launch a video call with the customer to inspect damage instantly giving the best care and advice. Vision Feed can also be integrated in to any web or mobile application.

Why Pact™?

Customer Protection
Customer Insight
Customer Experience
Labour Cost


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