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Pact™ is a disruptive Business Process Automation (BPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, that’s launched a new automated Claims as a Service (CaaS) platform to the General Insurance (GI) Market.

Mission Vision - Pact™

About Pact

Pact™ is to the GI claims market, as Uber was to personal transportation. Historically, taxi corporations had an exclusive right to “Taxi” signage, owned or took the asset risk of car fleets, employed drivers and bought insurance to offset risks they did not want to bear. Uber and its contemporaries identified that the true value of the system lay in access to the customer, while all other parts of the value chain can be compartmentalised and outsourced.

Using Ubers’ view, the insurance value chain can be simplified into sales (distribution), materials (capital/underwriting), manufacturing (claim) and risk management (reinsurance).

In doing this, Pact™ automated process dramatically reduces claims handling costs and makes settlements fast and efficient. For a financial service like GI, building customer loyalty and confidence is a key objective. It can only be achieved with an excellent customer experience, which regardless of a good customer journey during purchase, is only tested during a claim.

Insurers are challenged with a product that does not lend itself to a frequent interaction with clients. There are only two points of contact: sale or renewal and claim. Though both create an opportunity to build or improve a client relationship, the benefits of the product are often forgotten when faced with the complexity and implications of a claim. As of today, claiming is not always a positive experience. The claims process is widely perceived as difficult, time consuming, confusing and very cost intensive.

Claims management can be the most powerful driver of customer satisfaction and retention. Industry executives estimate that a customer who experiences a personal auto claim could be up to 40% less likely to renew their policy, regardless of the outcome. Pact™ CaaS process automation eliminates the frustrations, saving policyholders time, whilst keeping them abreast of their claim and protected with state-of-the-art security designed to build real customer loyalty.


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Mike Rutherford
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