Mission and Vision

Pact is a disruptive award-winning Claims as a Service platform, taking claims from weeks to minutes.

We have taken the pain out of the points at which traditional insurers and claims handlers lose efficiency, helping streamline business processes through automation and remove the risks with 21st century fraud detection, significantly reducing costs.

About Pact

At Pact, we’re reinventing the foundations of insurance claims through our award-winning Claims as a Service (CaaS) platform born out of bad experiences personally felt by it’s founder Mark.

Insurers are challenged with a product that does not lend itself to frequent interactions with customers. There are only two points of contact: sales and claims. Though sales create an opportunity to build or improve a customer relationship, the benefits of the product are often forgotten when faced with the complexity and implications of a claim.

Pacts automated process dramatically reduces claims handling costs and simplifies internal processes to make insurers and handlers as efficient as possible, enhancing their risk understanding through big data and fraud detection.

We’ve brought together a talented team of problem-solvers with diverse backgrounds, skills and experiences from all over the world in technology, finance, insurance and claims.

Why Us

Reduced costs
  • Simplify business processes through automation
  • Aluminate risk and fraud using 21st century fraud detection, significantly reducing costs
  • 100% automation on low value, high volume claims
Improved experiences
  • Customer can report a claim 24/7/365 on any device, whether mobile or web
  • Removing the mundane processes and discovery in the claims journey using automation allows claims handlers to handle more complex claims, making the workforce smarter
  • We use machine learning chatbots to not only answer a simple questions, but to evolve and grow improving your customer experience and retention
Reduced lifecycles
  • We’ve 30% faster claims reporting
  • We can automate claims so efficiently that we can perform straight-through-processing enabling 100% automation
  • Shortening the claims life cycle with our automated processes reduces the overall cost of handling a claim

What We’ve Achieved

Nominated for a number of Awards

Pact short listed for the Insurance Post, Insurance Times and British Claims awards.

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Pact closes large round

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Ian joins the team

Ian Davies joins the senior team from CCG, as Partnership and Sales manager for the North of the UK.

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Pact Wins Insurance Times Award

Pact wins the Insurance Times Fraud Solution of the year award.

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Pact onboards International Medical Rescue

Pact onboards International Medical Rescue as first travel partner.

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Nominated for a number of Awards

Pact short listed for the Insurance Post, Insurance Times and British Claims awards.

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Pact onboards Plum Underwriting

Pact onboards Global Risk Partners (GRP) subsidiary Plum Underwriting as first property partner.

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Pact Closes further funding

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Pact Starts it’s build

In March Pact started building the product after months of market research.

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Jamie joins the team

Jamie Buckley joins Pact as the CFO.

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Founded Pact

In October Mark Seddon founded Pact with a plan to revolutionise insurance claims.

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Mike Rutherford - Pact™
Mike Rutherford
BGS - Pact™
Bishopscourt Group


Chris Wacey - Pact™
Chris Wacey
Steven Strauss - Pact™
Steven Strauss

Senior Team

Mark Seddon - Pact™
Mark Seddon, CEO
Jamie Buckley - Pact™
Jamie Buckley, CFO
ian davies
Ian Davies, Partnerships Consultant
Chirag Rana, Supply Chain Tech Lead

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