Safest Working Environment in Insurance

Pact provides the safest working environment available in insurance. Pact uses 128-bit encryption, Secure Socket Layers (SSL), One Time Passwords (OTP’s), multi-layered identity verification’s, digital signatures, and device intelligence. Specifically, customer usage-based analytics monitoring, location services, bio-metrics and other fraud prevention services to deliver you the most up to date technologies for you and your customers.


Modern Technologies

Pact™ has built its systems free from legacy constraints with technology that transforms the insurance experience, making it faster, more efficient and more cost effective for everyone.

24x7 Data Protection

Our global team of dedicated security experts protects your data 24/7, 365 days a year.

Ongoing Security Updates

Your data security is paramount to us, we’ve engineered our platform to ensure that your data is always secure. Each new release of our platform contains new security properties.


Pact has been designed with flexibility and scalability integrated in to the platform. We are built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform utilising compute, storage, analytics, security and operation services.

Pact operates two private cloud environments in a single cloud providing a robust infrastructure with world-class reliability and performance combined with security, privacy, compliance, transparency and availability. All data at rest is located within our private cloud meeting strict regulatory requirements and has no direct connection to the outside world.

Pact has been developed to meet the needs of the insurance market now and in the future.


Pact is built to meet the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and implements these policies across the entire platform meeting the 7 key principles set forth in the Directive.

We work with you to implement the right processes to make sure customers are treated lawfully, fairly and help you be as transparent as possible with their data.

Where Pact works with partners outside of the UK and Europe, we endeavour to make sure we meet Global Privacy Protection regulations and enable you and your customers to get the most out your interactions.

Securing your Pact Journey

High-end frameworks

To maintain our customers trust and protect their personal, policy and financial information, Pact maintains a formal Security program with policies and procedures based on industry-standard frameworks.

Team of Experts

Our security team keeps their fingers on the pulse of the industry by constantly learning the latest in security technology, staffing industry leaders, and attending conferences and knowledge sharing-sessions

Regular Security Tests

Pact conducts regular security tests of our product.

End to End Encryption

Pact delivers our partners end to end encryption for the services we provide without compromising speed, safety and efficiency.

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