Life at Pact

We’re solving a 700 year old problem

At Pact, we’re reinventing the foundations of insurance claims through our Claims as a Service (CaaS) platform. We’ve brought together a talented team of problem-solvers with diverse backgrounds, skills and experiences from all over the world. From day one, the founder, Mark Seddon has strived to build a culture that encourages continuous learning, high-quality work with passion at the centre of everything we do.

Health and Wellbeing

The health and wellbeing of our team is our highest priority. We’re building our own proprietary wellness suite to keep track of our employees state of mind, so we can help before times get too tough. We have a confidential psychologist that all employees have access to whenever they need for free.


We encourage an open, collaborative and transparent working environment across all levels of the organisation, as we believe this is the recipe for success. We do this in a number of ways:

Come Aboard

When a new employee joins our CEO, Mark has a light hearted interview with them in a companywide podcast called Inner Circle, so everyone can get to know the new person. We also transcribe the best parts for a blog release

Getting to know one another

Every Monday morning there is a Microsoft Teams bot that posts to Teams asking people to share a photo (or a few) from the weekend. It’s a great way to get to know co-workers on a personal level and see their families, interests, and lives.

Weekly Catchups

We use a bot within Microsoft Teams to pick 3 people at random each week for a 30 min catch up / get to know you call. At Pact we also have a teams group that is simply to support your mental health.

Constant Support from our CEO

Lastly, our CEO takes time with every employee once a month to make sure they are happy with life at Pact, their career direction and offer any support he can to help

Learn and progress

At Pact we promote an ‘always be learning’ philosophy. It’s important to us that employees feel like they are always moving forward, if they want. We are always improving our internal learning suite, however everyone should feel comfortable asking for further outside learning if it’s relevant to their role. Pact also promotes a buddy up system, giving all new employees a buddy they can message either by teams or email and ask any questions they may have about life at Pact, the platform itself or anything else that makes them comfortable in their day to day activities.

Life away from our machines

The ability to switch off is key to happiness at work and at home. We will never expect you to send emails on the weekends or late at night. Wellbeing is a the centre of our culture, so our office is stacked with healthy snacks, drinks and our hot drinks machine makes everything from an espresso to a decaf oat latte. We also have a pool table, air hockey and consoles like Xbox to help destress from the day and help promote team building. We also offer discounts to a range of health facilities and wellbeing classes. Once a year we take over a mystery location for our annual Pact Away Day.

Our commitment to Women in Insurance

Pact has 28% female representation throughout the company. Our target is to reach 40% by December 2022. We’re committed to building a working environment which accepts, celebrates and champions diversity of every kind, and will continue to enhance and embed our recruitment principles and processes to include underrepresented groups.


At Pact we thrive on people helping others. This is why if any of our team members volunteer for any charity work they are allowed a maximum of 4 half days each month to help with the good works they are doing in the community.


Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are key to any 21st century business and none more so than Pact. At Pact we respect and recognise everyone’s unique perspectives, which is what inspires us to create the Claims as a Service platform that is revolutionising a 700 year old industry. It’s our uniqueness that maximises each person’s value.

Our focus is on inclusion to create a safe and welcoming atmosphere, which encourages and enables people to achieve their best, promote creativity and innovation, whilst most importantly creating an environment where everyone feels they have a voice to speak up about any and all issues.

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