Data Layer

Accelerate business value with data

Turn unrefined data into remarkable outcomes with end-to-end, data integration and analytics solutions. Close the gaps between data, insights, and real world action.

Using all the claims data, Pact™ delivers back structured data that enables partners to connect the dots of potential fraud rings globally using Network Graphing and Big Data Analysis using both Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) models

big data


The platform delivers every partner their own Dashboard, that allows them to better understand their data.

We deliver bespoke search facilities to make it simple for partners to search their data


Network Analysis

Pact™ cross checks every claim within the system to see if a claimant has had a previous claim on the platform, which a fraud analyst can view.

The analyst can identify linkages among seemingly unrelated claims and identify cross-product fraud. Sophisticated data mining capabilities give partners a better understanding of new fraud threats. Pact™ can take historic data partners may have sitting in their systems that they may want to take advantage of.


Real Time Network Analysis

Every live claim that is submitted through Pact™, our platform performs a unique Network search on the claimant and anyone else named on the claim.

Within the system we see if a claimant has had a previous claim on the platform, which a handler can view in our portal or any third-party CRM.

The handler can identify linkages among seemingly unrelated claims, and identify cross-product fraud, in a variety of ways.

This is also connected into the Verification engine that is linked to multiple third-party databases across the globe.

How it works



With integrations into your current CRM or through Pact™ own CMS, or DFNOL the platform automatically collects all the data we need.



Pact™ easily cleans maps and groups your data in Pact’s powerful data mapping interface.



Feed all your data into any tool you like. Power your business intelligence with data, feed it directly to your data warehouse, dashboard solution, or any other tool you are using.


What industries can benefit from Pact Data Platform?

Organisations in any industry, public or private sector, can use Pact to investigate threats. Most commonly analysts in law enforcement, national security, cyber, and fraud use Pact solutions.

How do I get my data in to the Pact Platform?

Data in electronic form, for example in a text file or spreadsheet, can be imported into the big data platform by a member of Pact support team.

What is Network Analysis?

It is a data analysis technique that identifies entities, links, and properties such as people, places, and things, and establishes connections between them. This technique has been used for many years throughout the public and private sectors for law enforcement.

Can the Big Data platform be integrated in to any Claims Management System (CMS)?

Yes, we have integrations going on in to Guidewire, Salesforce and Duckcreek, as well as our own CMS.

Can the Big data platform connect to third party databases for further investigation?

Yes, if you wish the platform can integrate to any third party database to combine data sources into Pact so you can review all of the available data in one place.

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