Meet the CFO

Elevator pitch?

Customers’ expectations have changed, and everything is now expected instantaneously. The claims market has been seriously underachieving in the eyes of the customer for many years and we are here to fix that problem. For the customer that means faster claims, faster settlement and for the insurers it means lower costs which we hope will be shared with customers.

What did you do before?

I qualified whilst at Menzies LLP where I was responsible for business services for several medium sized clients providing them with the financial and business support that they required to continue to grow their business.

I took my first role out of practise with a Platform as a service startup business called Amplience, supporting the international growth of the business for 4 years as it positioned itself as the market leader in its field.

Where do you see your industry going?

Until very recently the insurance industry has remained relatively primitive in its use of technology with insurers holding vast amounts of data and never really knowing its value. Computer based algorithms and machine learning are turning the industry on its head and the ones who really appreciate these upcoming changes as an opportunity will thrive.

What was your journey like to get where you are?

The biggest problem we faced is the real lack of enthusiasm towards change in the insurance industry and finding the handful of businesses that were prepared to take the first steps was a painstaking process.

Once we had our name and more importantly, our platform, in the public domain word began to spread quite quickly so we had to rely on our experience to ensure everything we did from the beginning was scalable because the growth we have experienced to date has been the true testament to our product.

What lessons have you learned the hard way?

To manage suppliers in the same way you would a member of staff, understand all deadlines and ensure there are regular updates, a supplier causing even a few days delay can result in missed opportunity or at best, a drain on cash, which in the beginning causes a real problem.

In your spare time you like to?

I love to spend time with my family and friends, the start up world is a hectic one but making memories with the family is my biggest passion.

What does success look like?

For me, success is much more than a sales target or a personal goal, it’s about changing the way the whole industry looks at a problem and being the market leader in that revolution will be proof of true success.