Search Layer

Leading the fight against fraud by sharing anonymised data and intelligence.

Search Layer is regarded as the up and coming default fraud detection community

Contributing to Search Layer helps advance the global fight against insurance claim fraud. These shared challenges are impossible for any single organization to crack down on, on its own. Deeper insight and ultimately better outcomes are delivered through the use of syndicated data to solve collective problems.

Search Layer is the world’s new fraud detection community

When you become part of Search Layer, you become a contributor to and beneficiary of, the UK’s most modern database for insurance claim fraud data and intelligence platform. Using your knowledge and expertise to freely share in fight against insurance claim fraud. Search Layer has modernised the journey removing the need for multiple databases, all doing the same thing, with fractured data and insights.

We are committed to, and operate under, the principle of collaboration, which connects and drives our community, and enables the sharing of:

Modern and Trusted Data

Using modern, simple API’s we enable the secure sharing of high quality, trusted data to fight insurance claim fraud. We anonymise the data to make sure you’re protected.


We provide dynamic intelligence that gives the complete threat picture and strengthens the community against fraud.

Benefits of using Search Layer

Digitise without compromise

Use real-time checks via API, FTP, CSV or a portal to reduce reliance on old form factors like telephone or face to face decision making without undermining your approach to risk management.

Instant Reviews

Fast-track good customers and flag any potentially bad customers for further checks.

Early Identification of Fraud

Save money, and improve your loss ratios by detecting fraud, error and wider economic crime at FNOL.

Drive Efficiencies

Use automated decision responses, prioritised workflows, reduced false positives (cases that don’t really need working), and actionable MI reports to manage your resources most effectively.

Our Platforms

The Portal

A simple login for you and your team to view all the connected data, meaning no costly or timely integrations.


Pact is about doing the simple things right. This is why we’re API led in everything we do. Pact can share Search Layer through a simple API giving you all the data you need to better find fraudsters.


Are the mobile applications and web portal built to meet GDPR?

All Pacts mobile applications and web portals are built to meet GDPR standards, using the most up to date technology delivering the most up to date security.

Can the mobile applications and web portal be integrated in to any Claims Management System (CMS)?

Yes, we have integrations going on in to Guidewire, Salesforce and Duckcreek, as well as our own CMS.

Do I have to use Pact mobile application and web portal?

No, our technology is built is a modulised fashion, meaning you can use your own front end, if you have one. This is just an added bonus for our partners.

Is a user restricted to the mobile app if they start the claim there?

No, Pacts mobile, web and telephone claims channels are all linked to a single database allowing users to start, save as draft, continue or submit their claim across all channels. For example starting a claim on your mobile phone, then adding final documents from web portal before submitting it.

What’s the difference between the mobile applications and web portal?

The mobile applications can only be downloaded from the Apple Appstore and Google Play Store, whereas the web portal is added to the website of our partners.

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