Supply Chain Automation

Supply Chain Automation

Today’s claims interactions with customers is broken. Due to long winded legacy constraints most insurers are still missing the mark. Processes like notifying a customer when a trades person is going to turn up or where to send their car to be fixed is stuck in a manual, mundane process with extremely low customer satisfaction. Because of this Pact™ has re-invented the process, making it more effective, driving up customer satisfaction and making the whole process completely transparent.

How Pact™ Helps

Pact™ automates the process of working with third parties to obtain; quotes, instruct workers to perform the task and giving customers direct access to interacting with the workers, whilst keeping everyone up to date with the claim’s progression. Whether you have your own network or looking to put more money back in to local economies working with local tradespeople or garages, Pact™ is here to help.

How it works?


Customer opens their app and starts the claim


Pact™ performs its verifications of the claim, using image recognition and GPS


Pact™ obtains the quote and sends the third-party a link to login to


The third party proposes dates to start the work and sets the tasks involved


Once the job is complete the third-party uploads videos and pictures, that the customer approves before the handler needs to pay for the job

Regular Notifications

All along the journey the customer gets constant notifications of what’s going on with their job via text, mobile notification, in-app or web portal notifications and emails with the claims handler in complete control and able to step in at any point the journey goes wrong.


  1. Removes unnecessary parties in the supply chain
  2. Simplifies the journey for the customer with a 21st century experience
  3. Significantly reduces the costs
  4. Allows the customer to interact directly with the tradesperson or garage keeping the claims handler up to date with any changes or problems
  5. Dramatically increases customer experience and satisfaction leading to higher customer retention

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