Vision Feed

Improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase loyalty

Vision Feed is the next generation in customer care. Vision Feed allows Customer Agents or Field Service Experts to send an email or text message with a link allowing them to launch a video call with the customer to inspect damage instantly giving the best care and advice. Vision Feed can also be integrated in to any web or mobile application.

At the click of a button you can go from a faceless corporation, to a company that cares.

Shorten The Claim Lifecycle

In an instant using email, text message or through any web or mobile application file claims on the spot, shortening the lifecycle from months and days to minutes

Increase Productivity

Customer Agents or Field Service Experts have immediate access to the damage or problems, enabling instant resolutions for your customers meaning less travel time, making them more productive and efficient

Expedite Customer Settlements

With visual confirmation it enables you handlers to settle claims faster improving customer satisfaction, increase employee productivity, making the journey superior to others in the market

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Customers have a digital expectation now. We can manage our money, transport, even our health via our mobile phone and the web. So why not an insurance claim?

Live Pointer and Annotations

Vision Feed lets handlers take screenshots and add annotations to the images, saving them to the claim file, simplifying the process

Less Downtime, More Productivity. Walk Your Customer Through An Issue Without Being There

Vision Feed delivers fast returns on investment with minimised downtime and reduced travel costs for Customer Agents or Field Service Experts. Remote support helps you to transfer knowledge across locations, whether that’s nationally or internationally without loss of information. Vision Feed enables you to close knowledge gaps in your company and reduce the decision-making potential of your employees.


AR-technology allows for your Customer Agents or Field Service Experts to get involved in problems faster, delivering invaluable advice quickly to reduce the damage that could be caused.


Through AR-based remote support/assistance experts are able to make live annotations to accidents that may have happened on the road, enabling for fast recovery, repairs and settlements for the works needed to complete the job in a timely manner.


Our remote AR-technology allows your medical teams to simplify their work when needs to deal with assistance claims abroad. This enables them to give better, more informed care at the most crucial of times for your customers.

Integrate Video Into Your Digital Claims Journey

Vision Feed can integrate in to any claim management system (CMS), with successful integrations in to Saleforce, Proclaim, Guidewire and Duckcreek to name but a few. This saves you time, resources and money. Video calls can be initiated with customers through instant using email, text message or through any web or mobile application. With Vision Feed, you can easily connect a technical expert with employees or customers on-site in the event of a problem.

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